The Ask

TOPSHOP wanted to bring awareness to their new store location in Richmond. They were seeking brand recognition on with their target demographic of 15 to 30, males and females who enjoy fashion and shops regularly in Richmond Centre. The leading KPI to this event was the attendance of this targeted consumer profile to the grand opening event.

Our Solution

The experiential street team strategy we implemented had the exact target consumer demographic that the brand represented. We strategically located the team in high traffic areas in Richmond and the Night Market. The photo booth experience combined with on brand giveaways such as branded fortune cookies, bubble tea and tote bags created a buzz and served as a great entry point to the event. Additionally, the team had Lucky Cards which was a discount card that incentivized the consumers with a discount on the day of the Grand Opening.

The Results

Peer endorsement within this demographic was highly accepted and with our team being that exact demographic and gatekeepers of the brand, the interactions in field were seamless. This experience provided an influencer buzz amongst the community.

Mass Impressions
Attendees In Line Up
Event Attendees

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