Six Predictions For Alcoholic Beverage Marketing in 2019

By February 8, 2019Food & Beverage
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The alcoholic beverage market in has seen a shift towards online sales, product packaging trends, and health conscious consumers. With these changes, 2019 is predicted to see a growth in craft beer, premiumization, and female decision makers. That’s just the beginning, these are six predictions for alcoholic beverage marketing in 2019.


1)  Consumers Want Premium Beverages


Hard alcohol, premium beers, and craft beers are growing more popular and seeing an increase in demand. According to Forbes, consumption of major beer brands declined to 49.59% of the market, which is a two-percentage-point decline that showed up directly as an increase to the craft beer market share.


2)   Packaging And Branding Takes On Bold, Minimalistic Design


Brands are unveiling packaging with bright, bold colours and sleek, minimalist designs. One Canadian brand has specifically merged the artistry of their craft beer with the artistry of rising artists. Collective Arts Brewing specifically selects art for their beer cans and labels that is limited-edition and creative to represent the creativity of the craft beer inside.


3) Craft Beer Continues To Grow


Over the past five years, there has been tremendous growth in craft breweries. This has begun to impact consumers and their choices. Craft breweries are using innovation to stay ahead, with some breweries, like Moosehead Breweries, choosing to invest in Small Batch Beers to test out new beer flavours that they cannot otherwise produce at their main brewery.


4) Women Are Playing An Increasing Role In Purchasing Decisions


Advertising for alcoholic beverages is taking a more gender-neutral tone. Females across the globe are seeing a growth in financial stature while men are continuing to choose gender-neutral drinks. A brand that launched in line with gender-neutral marketing is Nütrl Vodka Soda. The simplistic premium craft vodka soda utilizes a sleek, minimalistic design to appeal to audiences regardless of gender.


5) Cannabis Beverages Have Entered The Market


According to market research, Millennials are more likely to get high on cannabis than drink alcohol. With Craft Brewing Business reporting that the global cannabis market is projected to reach $31.4 billion in 2021, many brewers are jumping in on this trend. There has been a rise in beers containing hemp extracts and Constellation Brands Inc. is investing nearly $200 million into a Canadian marijuana growing company with the objective of creating cannabis-infused drinks.


6) Craft Gin is Appealing To Both Men & Women


Consistent with alcohol marketing becoming increasingly gender-neutral, craft gin is appealing to men at a greater rate. Although this alcohol was considered a female beverage, it has begun to be embraced across the sexes with men interacting online with craft gin brands as much as women. This shift is not expected to stop anytime soon.


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