Sampling campaigns are a powerful method to not only get your product directly in front of the customer, but to encourage trial of your product.

A free sample can eliminate the perceived risk a customer may face when purchasing a new product. Sampling becomes a no-lose situation for consumers and an opportunity to try your brand with an open mind. Having surpassed the first purchasing decision and moved right to trial, the customer is one step closer in the sales funnel to becoming a repeat customer or a brand advocate for you.
Alcohol Sampling Campaigns
UB Marketing can help distribute your product samples, convey your brand message, and build an active understanding of your product within your audience. Partnering with UB Marketing can help your brand ensure your sampling tactics meet your organization’s goals.


Sampling can benefit your brand by:


Increasing Brand Awareness. Offering complimentary samples of your product is an excellent way to pique curiosity in consumers and to introduce your product to potential customers who may not have awareness of your brand.


Boosting Opportunities for Sales. By offering a trial with no risk, customers have an opportunity to try your product with an open mind moving them one step further in the sales funnel, closer to becoming a purchaser. Same day discounts or coupons can be distributed to help drive immediate sales. With retail programs, these immediate sales can be tracked directly and ROI can be calculated.


Increase Traffic to Other Touch Points. Now that your product has been tried by potential new customers, there is a higher chance that these consumers have gained familiarity with your product and will now investigate it on digital channels or in store.


Building Your Brand as An Expert. Pairing your samples with knowledgeable brand ambassadors is an opportunity to impress potential new customers with your product features and expertise in a situation where they are primed to listen to your brand message.

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