The Ask

Too Far Media, an American media company, wanted to create awareness around and increase loyal followers of their current book, The Hope We Seek. The primary target audience was different University students across the country who had a keen interest in fiction, art, and music as an immersive story experience. The leading Key Performance Indicators for this activation were two fold; the number of books given out to the target demographic as well as the quality of consumer interactions at each event.

Our Solution

School & Frosh Week activities. Our Brand Ambassadors engaged in quality interactions combined with handing out physical copies of the book to liberal arts students on and around campus.

The Results

The teams were successfully able to connect with students and distribute all books to the demographic desired within budget while also surpassing the distribution quota. In-field interactions were positive, leaving students with the yearning to discover more about the book and any future projects.

Books Distributed

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