The Ask

Granville Island Brewery was launching a seasonal ginger flavoured beer. They wanted to have several different outlets where they can have product presence both in on-premise sampling well as retail point of sale.

Our Solution

We had a two part strategy that were focused on consumer trial. For the official launch, we ensured maximum exposure by engaging a radio station partner, 99.3FM The Fox who shares the same consumer mix and target demographic. The events with the radio station had a mix of kitchen events, and on premise presence with pub, lounge and restaurant roll outs.

The retail presence consisted of 50 stores with a focus on not only the product sampling but also we wanted to highlight the unique flavour of the beer with food pairings. Partnering up with a local caterer, we had a variety of spicy flavoured appetizers that complimented the tasting notes of the beer for the holistic customer experience in store.

The Results

The radio partnership garnered a lot of buzz with consumers. With the product being only available in limited quantities and seasonality, this propelled the urgency of a purchasing mindset at sampling events. There were 100 cases sold at a 4 hour shift, and an average conversion rate of 25%. To date, we continue to work with Granville Island Brewery year round and for their seasonal product launches.

Retail Stores
Units Sold
Units Sold Every 4 Hours
Conversion Rate

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