The Ask

Bell Mobility was a title sponsor for the Beijing Olympics. During this time, they decided to debut their new logo and re-brand as well. They found consumer dissonance with the new branding through feedback and wanted to have additional opportunities for consumer outreach.

Our Solution

Along with our partners, Cossette Communications we executed this program keeping the Olympic theme in mind. We had an interactive trampoline installation in one of the major downtown Vancouver parks where consumers were able to watch professional acrobats while interacting with our brand ambassadors. Furthermore, to capture existing and potential consumers attention, we set up Bell Mini Stores in mall food courts and centre courts where consumers can have a deeper engagement with our brand ambassadors.  In addition, we had presence at the Calgary Stampede where we had prominent presence at the Ozone. This provided a large volume of impressions and interactions during the duration of the Stampede.

The Results

As a result, there was an increase in new brand awareness for potential new Bell customers. The new cellular phone and data package that was debuted during this time frame was on target for new customer acquisition. The new satellite service was also well received in a market where local cable services had the majority of the existing market share.

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