When you are looking to get your product in front of consumers across the country, across a state/province, or across a city in a tangible way, mobile/road marketing tours can provide you with the solution you are looking for.

Schick Quattro Mobile Road Tour
UB Marketing can work with your brand every step of the way from ideation to implementation. We will partner with you to understand your brand’s objectives and collaborate with you to create your brand’s visual representation on the vehicle. UB Marketing will manage each aspect of the mobile tour program including creative strategy, program development, vehicle wrapping, tour operations, staffing, and post-mortem analysis. With our experience and guidance, we can help you ensure that you achieve brand advocacy and measurable sales by placing your products right in the hands of the end users.


Mobile/Road Tours can benefit your brand by:

Creating Vehicle Impressions.
Branded transportation becomes an extension of your brand that reaches eyes in an unsaturated space, piques consumer curiosity, and improves brand recall.

Taking Your Product Directly to Consumers.
No need to wonder whether there was a breakdown between your product and your customers in the store or online, with a mobile/road tour you know your product is arriving directly to your target audience.

Creating A Unique & Memorable Experiences.
A successful mobile/road marketing tour can evoke feelings in consumers by leveraging experiential advertising approaches to create a more memorable experience.

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