With over 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trusting influencer opinions over traditional celebrities, it is evident that influencers are becoming an increasing source of trust. 

Influencer marketing utilizes brand advocates to deliver your brand’s message to an audience in an authentic manner. When leveraged as a part of an experiential in-field activation, influencers are a great way to drive earned media. Not only are they able to forge meaningful connections with your audience, but they can use their digital network to attract attention towards and amplify your brand’s message.
Influencer Marketing
UB Marketing understands how important it is to choose the right influencers to represent your brand at an in-field activation. We know it is critical to choose someone who resonates with your target segment. Combining the right influencers with a carefully tailored experience can help promote your message in an authentic, trusted manner to your target audience. In addition to creating an emotional bond, we can help you leverage online influencers as a platform to attract earned media for your brand.


Influencer Marketing can benefit your brand by:

Improving Brand Loyalty, Advocacy, and Recall.
Influencer marketing offers potential customers and existing customers a chance to have a memorable interaction with your brand while being exposed to your brand message in an authentic and trusted manner.


Attracting Earned Media & Publicity. Noteworthy influencer marketing campaigns can get picked up by an influencer’s network on social media, local news and blogs, resulting in even more publicity for your brand.


Creating Engaging & Meaningful Experiences. Selecting relevant influencers can help your brand engage consumers and deliver your message in a manner they welcome.


Increasing Brand Awareness. Leveraging an influencer can evoke consumer curiosity and introduce your brand to potential new customers that may not have been aware of your products or services.

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