Inspired by secret war tactics that armies would use to surprise and ambush their enemies, Guerrilla marketing aims to infiltrate target markets by amazing and delighting consumers, with the ultimate goal of leaving them impressed and inclined to purchase.

Through unconventional marketing strategy, innovative ideas, and imaginative tactics, this unorthodox advertising style creates memorable experiences between your brand and your target market. By doing so, guerrilla marketing can resonate with consumers at a more personal and emotional level.
Michael Jackson Guerilla Marketing
When done properly, Guerrilla Marketing can help your business achieve goals around brand recall, positive feedback, referrals, enjoyment, sales, and defining a unique selling proposition. Let UB Marketing partner with you to create a custom, guerrilla marketing campaign to help you reach your brand’s goals.


Guerrilla Marketing can benefit your brand by:


Unique & Memorable Experiences. A successful guerrilla marketing campaign can evoke feelings in consumers by leveraging experiential advertising approaches to create a more memorable experience.


Growing Word-Of-Mouth Marketing. By leaving a meaningful impression on your target audience, these consumers can become brand advocates and one of your most powerful marketing tactics when they spread word of mouth marketing.


Offering Cost-Effective Solutions. Guerrilla Marketing tends to offer more economical options when compared to classic advertising channels.


Attracting Publicity. Noteworthy guerrilla marketing campaigns can get picked up on social media, local news and blogs, resulting in even more publicity for your brand. Using this unconventional platform to leverage and gain earned media can help your campaign go viral and capture PR attention for your brand.

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